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13/10 - 03/11/2023

Ohlauer Str. 4 - Kreuzberg

13/10/2023 - 19 HRS

Live performance feat. LEONA JACEWSKA


ANTALYA, 2023 (Edition of 10)

Size Print 30x40cm

Fine Art Print: Gicleeprint Pigment-Ink

Size Frame 40x50cm (incl. mount)

Changeble frame Magnus H Aluminium Black Matte

150€ + Shipping

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EPOKHÉ (from the Greek term “ἐποχή” | epojé),

meaning "cessation" or "restraint," is a philosophical concept utilized within the Sceptical tradition to convey the act of suspending judgment, representing a state of consciousness in which neither affirmation nor denial occurs.

This exhibition serves as an invitation to embrace a position of impartial observers, momentarily setting aside our personal assumptions and biases. It encourages the viewer to be guided by an innate sense of curiosity, that transcends from a  pursuit of empathy and understanding.

The public spaces depicted in these scenes symbolize the struggle and cultural flux of the current era, in which each individual presents a tailored version of themselves to those surrounding them, while there are intrinsic facets of our essence that are impossible to conceal.

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In this photographic series, Olea endeavors to capture the interplay of this essence with light, forms, and angles that evoke the intangible interconnectedness underlying the universe, an imperceptible web extending in all directions.


These images function as a mirror, highlighting the universal commonalities that transcend far beyond geographical boundaries and societal influences, and encapsulate the quest for profound bonds, joy, and love.

EPOKHÉ serves as a testament to the enduring truth that our shared bonds possess greater strength than any factors that may seek to divide us.

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