Ideas & Campaigns

Monte Lobos - Commercial

I shared the joy of launching this young Mezcal brand in the market. Working on the creative concept for the campaign, art direction and script.

Project realized in partnership with Coronel Creatives.

Audi R8 - Marketing Activation

With this idea, we wanted to present Audi R8 like a big star, literally. Just like a real comet, people would wait for it, follow its trajectory and imagine what it would look like. On the launch day, the car would ride the main streets all over the world. People would feed media, taking photos of it, hopefully good ones, considering that the one with the most likes wins the car. Easy, right?... Well, wait until you watch it speed up.

Abasolo Whiskey - Media Documentary

As part of their digital content I have contributed in the conceptualisation, script and production of this piece, which explores the process and world behind the first bottle of Mexican whisky.

Project realized in partnership with Coronel Creatives.

The Hair Fest - Marketing Activation for NGO

This was the first music festival that exchanged hair for tickets. I know, this sounds bizarre, but there’s a purpose behind. We made over 100 wigs for kids suffering cancer in low-income families, and transformed "headbanging" in a completely different experience for everybody.​

Realized at Ogilvy & Mather. Cannes Lion Winner.

Corona Extra - Marketing Campaign

As part of Corona’s campaign “Breaking Borders”, this spot was a challenge for those who refuse to leave their comfort zone.

Our main character is afraid to venture beyond his native country and to start from scratch in another world. But what if this new adventure made him scratch the surface of one hidden talent, until he founds a mountain of amazing experiences beyond his own borders.

Realized with Leo Burnett.

Hey! - Brand Strategy

This initiative promotes the reuse of old mobile phones, salvaging their parts and reusing them in order to help deaf children in need. How? By creating hearing aids shaped like ears of their favorite cartoon characters.

If it's funny seeing it - imagine hearing it!

La Esperanza - Digital Content

As part of their digital content I have contributed in the conceptualisation, script, copy and production of this mini documentary, which presents one of the latest constructions of Labor.Art.Orium architects.

Project realized with Red Eyes Studio.