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B. Just Bread - Spot
Whoever told you that a slice of bread is boring was lying.
If you don’t believe it you should check out this spot for the German company B.Just Bread. 
My contribution on the creative concept, script and direction brought to life a project full of fun and peanut butter. Guten Appetit!

Abasolo Whiskey - Media Documentary

Mexico is not only about tequila. To prove it, we create 3 episode mini-series which explores the process and universe behind the first bottle of Mexican corn whiskey: Abasolo.  
For this project
in partnership with Coronel Creatives, I contributed with the concept, script writing, art direction and tasting the product, of course.

  Memore - Social Media Campaign

If you are the type of person who always forgets where you left your keys, you should try Memore, a food supplement that not only fills your nutritional gaps, but also improves the connections of your cognitive system. 
These guys gave me the chance of developing their campaign concept and social media ads working closely with the ladies from Design Studio Bob for the graphics.

Corona Extra - Marketing Campaign

As part of Corona Extra's campaign “Breaking Borders”, this spot was a challenge for those refusing to leave their comfort zone.
When I wrote this script I thought about a character afraid to venture beyond his native country and to start from scratch in new world. But what if this is just the first step in a bunch of amazing experiences and talents beyond his own borders.

La Esperanza - Digital Content

In order to present one of the latest projects of Labor.Art.Orium architects, 
I contributed in the conceptualization, script and production of this mini documentary. 

Their inspiration was a volcano. Mine, their magnificent construction.


Yummy Vintage - Website and Digital Campaign

Sun, sea, good food and la dolce vita. Yummy Vintage is a sigh for the Mediterranean summer, a fashion brand who decided to extend its offer to the on line world.


Once again, I contributed with the communication concept, added a few copies to the digital campaign and worked with Design Studio Bob in the structure of the website.

The Hair Fest - Marketing Activation for NGO

What if I exchange your hair for the ticket of a music festival?  
I know what you are thinking, but there’s a good purpose behind.
We made over 100 wigs for kids suffering cancer in low-income families, and we transformed headbanging in a completely new experience for everybody.

Cannes Lion Winner.

Hey! - NGO initiative

Don't throw your old mobile phone! It could help deaf children in need.
How? By salvaging their useful parts and reusing them to create hearing aids shaped like ears of their favourite cartoon characters.
If you think that it would be funny seeing it, imagine hearing it!

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